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Listen to Fast English Speaking Learning

 Listen to English Course Before and After Evidence

We advertised for two English learners who were very frustrated with their speaking skills. These are real case studies involving real professional people we met randomly online. Listen to how English Out There can help anyone learn to speak English fast and then get going by yourself, as a teacher, a school or an institution (see below).


BB ad 2 Jane 300

Age: 27 Nationality: Chinese

Improved 3 levels in 18 hours

She'd studied English for 16 years but still spoke like a beginner.Listen to the before and after audio proof of her rapid improvement.



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If you are still not convinced you can click on the top of the audio box and go to the podcast website where every minute of every session is there for you to listen to. Nothing has been hidden, it is all online.

So, you, your students, your school or your English department can achieve similar levels of English speaking improvement by downloading and using English Out There teaching and learning content.

Students can buy the complete six level Self-study pack with English instructions for just £25. Complete packs can be in purchased with beginner and elementary course instructions in: ChineseJapaneseKoreanRussianSpanish for the same price, £25. Learn more.

Teachers can buy a license to teach commercially as an individual and download a complete pack of One-to-One and Online materials for use with Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook, Edmodo, etc. for £125Learn more.

Schools and institutions can buy an unlimited use 6 year license and download over 1,000 hours (i.e. everything) of teaching and learning content that works with Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook and pretty much all online social media for £2,550 (which works out at just £35 per week for 72 weeks). Learn more.

If you want to start improving now and want Jason to help you personally visit the Learn to Speak English Fast page now!


waldek 300

Age: 29 Nationality: Polish

Improved 2 levels in 33 hours

He'd not studied English since school but once we got going, he wouldn't stop. Listen to the before and after proof.