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Free English Out There ebooks

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Here are some great free ebooks that explain more about English Out There and how it works.

I Still Can't Speak English - This is a NEW ebook by Jason West that explains how we all learn to speak a second language and gives you instructions on how to curate your own English Out There lessons using free online tools like Google Drive, Youtube.com, Skype and Soundcloud.com.


For Want of a Better Word - This is a very funny ebook created by two of the world's top advertising creatives, Jaime Diskin and Jae Morrison, just for us!  It has fun with the English language and explains how fluent and native speakers can help learners to improve fast. 'A visual, verbal and intellectual delight' Steven Pinker, Professor, Harvard University.Author of The Language Instinct, Word and Rules, and The Stuff of Thought.


If you want to start improving now and want Jason to help you personally visit the Learn to Speak English Fast page now!