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"English Classes are the New Goldrush*"

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Hi Folks

The statement above is the headline of an FT.com article from 15th June that just came to my attention via Twitter (see link below).
I couldn't resist making a comment on their website:

"True, it is a massive global business, but try looking for any evidence to back up marketing claims about course/product effectiveness?
How can a global industry, in this technological day and age, not publish simple and irrefutable audio/video 'before and after' proof of the effectiveness of their products. Yes, they put students through exams but any UK language school director of studies will tell you that few people get on an exam course from the start who wouldn't already pass it with a bit of exam practice. What learners around the world and their financially strapped families who support them in their English learning don't realise is that most English is acquired naturally outside of the classroom and that conventional course products and classes are mostly expensive wastes of time and money. The success that these courses represent is one of marketing over substance.

I did some unconventional market analysis recently to compare organisations' best published time to improve three levels, the price per hour to do that and if they published any real proof that it was possible, you can read it here, it makes for interesting reading:

The FT.com article I commented upon can be found here (you need to register for free to see it):

*The FT is owned by Pearson plc, the world's biggest educational publisher.

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