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About Us

Oops404 250Jason West is the founder and chief creator of English Out There. He has 20 years of self-employed experience in English language teaching and learning. In 1992, at the age of 25, he co-founded an English language school in the heart of London’s West End and within two and half years the school achieved British Council accreditation (which annoyed a few people!).

A long-standing interest in the psychology of learning lead Jason to feel that something could be done to improve the way his students acquired English. As a result he created the English Out There (EOT) course concept, where students engage directly with fluent or native speakers at every stage of their language development. The language laboratory in EOT's case was (and still is) the streets of London and members of the public (recently we have been experimenting successfully with handheld mobile technology and Google+ community pages).

A lot of people have helped to create English Out There over the years. The principal EOT lieutenants have been Georgina Moon, Maria Stamati-Knipe and Jonathan Jones whilst Tim Bowen helped edit the materials for publication.

After 250,000 hours of teaching and editing English Out There course materials were born. They can be used both offline and on. The online element came out of a fascination with social media and free internet telephony such as Facebook and Skype. An interesting quirk of their design is that they will work with any and all social media platforms, even those not yet invented!

The inexpensive DRM-free course materials for students and teachers recently made the EU’s top 10 formal uses of social media for language learning and can be purchased online from this website. English Out There is the only English program we know of that posts 'before and after' audio and video proof of the amazing progress of real students. It is a truly transformational English course because learners who have tried and failed to speak English comfortably for years find that it helps them to break through their personal language barriers.

Using just simple file formats and free online social media, allowing teachers to earn money from the use of the content and making it available at an affordable price is important to Jason and the ethos of English Out There (a student's course costs just £5.00 and can change someone's life, a teacher's course level, 20 lessons/60 hours can be printed and taught as much as they like for just £25.00).

Apart from founding and running Languages Out There, Jason also works with a number of other companies in the languages and communications fields.